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Macau Hotel SxArt Space

Once known as Hotel Sun Sun. Hotel S is a boutique  hotel with a rich history having been built around 1949. The Hotel situated in the heart of the prosperous old  town of Macau. It is said that this was the place where the Portuguese first set foot in Macau. 

In the year 1981, Indiana Jones, one of the pioneering  Hollywood adventure films directed by world-renowned Mr. Steven Allan Spielberg, was filmed in the hotel's  OBI-Wan Restaurant, featuring one of the most  thrilling scenes in which the protagonist escapes from  this restaurant. Hotel S uses art as its main concept  (cultural and creative) and also places art as an  element in the hotel's space, facilities, equipment and  services; enhancing our guest's art and cultural journey . Hotel S uses this specific artistic expressive ability to  design an intricate artistic journey, realizing that guest's cultural experience is the quintessence of Hotel S.

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Brand Story

 A Transformation Process

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Guest Experience
Standard Room
Offers a tranquil stay with comfy interior design to let you unwind.
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Room S
Embrace ample space with large windows that showcase iconic skyscrapers.
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Room Art
Offers ultimate comfort with contemporary furnishing.
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Superior Triple
Ideal for accommodating small groups of friends or families, these Triple Rooms definitely offer exceptional value for money.
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With more space, a double bed and a sofa bed, these rooms are perfect for families or a group of friends. And right up your alley for a great high-floor city view.
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Deluxe Suite
Furnished with chic and sleek interior offering incredible city views.
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