Larva Room

Summer Holiday is around the corner!!

Come stay in our cartoon Larva room!

An exquisite gift for your child!

Join us with Larva and friends!!

Power Station

Want to increase your productivity whilst being inspired in a creative co-working space?  
Look no further! Our brand new POWER STATION Co-working Space is now open!
Work! Chill! Chat! Taste! Play! Drink! Stay! All under the same roof!  
Immerse yourself in our thought provoking, weird and wonderful designs!

Studio S Common Room

Studio S houses a kitchenette, gym room, yoga room, washing machine, dryer and other facilities!

Hotel-S - Macau Pass Rental/Recharge

In order to Hotel-S guests, Macau Pass borrows cards for free, and does not need to go through the card procedures, and directly recharge!
It is enough to clear the card when returning the card
Suitable for planning to go to St. Paul's, Xinma Road, Guanye Street without casino bus places
Suitable for Jimei who don't want to change coins and take the bus
Also, there is a discount for using the Macao Pass bus, only 3 or 4 pieces,
Cash payment costs 6 yuan.
Macau Pass can also be used in convenience stores and supermarkets. No need to find change with Macau Pass! Very convenient, please consult the front desk of the hotel for details!

VIT Asia Services - Strategic Partner

AVIS Macau - the most reliable car rental company in Macau
- Macau local chauffeur service
- Self-driving car rental service in Macau
- Point-to-point Hong Kong and Macau Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau cross-border transfer service

We provide fast and convenient online/telephone booking and professional consulting services to plan the most worry-free and comfortable itinerary for you. At the same time, adhering to the flexible service concept, our self-driving car rental service not only has short-term daily rental, but also provides monthly/annual rental and other long-term rental methods, and has a variety of vehicle styles to choose from. In order to make your car more pleasant and satisfactory, we will make unremitting efforts. 

For more details of the offer and to book a trip, please contact our customer service representatives:
Reservations: +853 2833 6789/+852 6148 4838
💬WhatsApp:+852 6148 4838
📟 WeChat: vitasiamo28313120

💻Business Hours: 08:00-22:00

Madz Kitchen

[MADZ kitchen]is a new style of Portuguese cuisine. It is located on the 2nd floor of the isolation building of Macau Hotel S. The restaurant is divided into three different themed areas, a very Chill, very comfortable, happy and romantic small restaurant. There is a special graffiti wall inside and outside the restaurant. This is the electric drill graffiti of Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto (also known as Vhils). It is of great appreciation value. I suggest you check in. The graffiti wall in the restaurant, from the left and right, you will see different landscapes, from the left to the right, it is a very delicate girl, very tender feeling, from the right to the left, it is a small town, and Chinese characters are engraved, it is amazing! At the back door of the restaurant, there is also a graffiti of an old woman. One store can have two portraits, which are of great value. You can take a look at them, and it is also the fate between you and the artist.

Address: 12A, Kebangdi Square, Sidakou, Macau (next to Macau Hotel S)

Tel: 853-68816430

Business Hours: (Closed on Monday) Tuesday to Sunday, 5:30pm to 11:00pm